Sag Harbor Food Pantry

The cost of living and raising a family can be challenging for many in communities on the East End of Long Island, despite what appears to many to be widespread affluence in the area.

Unforeseen circumstances such as a medical emergency, long-term disability, an accident, or the loss of a job can quickly result in financial hardship. At such times seniors, individuals or families must sometimes make very difficult decisions and choose between buying food, paying the rent or mortgage, purchasing heating fuel, filling a prescription, even delaying seeking needed medical or dental attention.

That is when the pantry, with your support, can help make life a little easier for those enduring hard times and worrying about providing enough food for their families.

Each week Sag Harbor Food Pantry volunteers distribute dairy items, eggs, bread and fresh fruit and vegetables as well as small portions of either chicken, meat or fish. Staple foods such as rice, pasta, cooking oil and a variety of dried and canned goods are also provided. The pantry also provides personal hygiene products and emergency pet food.

In addition to providing food staples, Sag Harbor Food Pantry provides recipients with information and organize demonstrations showing how to prepare cost-efficient, nutritious meals. They also provide information on how to access social services.

VOLUNTEER – Sag Harbor Food Pantry always needs help and support from our community.

JUST SAY YES TO FRUITS AND VEGETABLES – (JSY) is one of New York State’s premier nutrition education programs for low-income families. On Long Island, the JSY program is a service of Long Island Cares, Inc. – The Harry Chapin Food Bank.

DONATE – Monetary and food donations are needed.